Even the most modern chimneys require maintenance from time to time.  Check out the video below to see our Always Affordable Chimney technician on the job.

Chimney Liner Replacement is necessary to ensure quality air circulation as well as the safety of those inside of the structure on which the chimney is supported.  The stainless steel liners are used in replacing terracotta clay chimney liners most commonly found in residential areas.  Chimneys should be inspected annually for safety precautions.  For your convenience, Always Affordable Chimney offers a Free Chimney Inspection Service.

Chimney Tile Knocking is the process of breaking up terracotta chimney lining.  Over time the terracotta lining can break or crack.  This often occurs in older homes with older chimneys. When this occurs, it is most often replaced with a stainless steel chimney liner.  Tile-Knocking is a tough and dirty job and should only be performed by an experienced chimney professional.

Repointing a chimney is a very important part of masonry maintenance.  Although the bricks surrounding the chimney may last for over 100 years, even high quality mortar decays over time, usually within the first 25 years of installation.  Weather is a huge indicator in how long the mortar holding the bricks in place will last.  Chimneys built in areas of higher temperatures and humidity may require more attention and maintenance as a result of moisture being absorbed into the brick and mortar.