Long Island, New York and Westchester homes should all have efficiently working chimney dampers. Dampers stop gases from seeping into your home through your chimney’s flue.

What is a chimney damper?

A chimney damper keeps your flue shut when your fireplace is not being used. These devices are placed at the top of chimneys and are often used as replacements for fireplace dampers.

A common misconception is that a damper and flue are the same device. The damper is not the flue itself, but it is what provides access to the flue so different chimney services and maintenance can be performed.

What factors impact damper performance?

Damper efficiency can be impacted by a variety of environmental factors. Wind, type of firewood used, the moisture level of the firewood, and temperature inside and outside of the home all play a role in your damper’s performance.

While starting a fire, your chimney damper should be completely open. The amount of smoke emitted is heavily dependent on the type of firewood being used. Damp woods and hardwoods tend to create much more smoke.

The flue will need time to generate heat if the air is colder outside the house than on the inside. This will build up the draft needed to pull the smoke through the flue’s top from the firebox.

Strong enough wind gusts can dangerously cause flames to flare out of the firebox by forcing air down into the flue. Fortunately, there are many chimney services that can help prevent this from happening.

Wind can also cause tall trees to create back drafts by keeping swirling wind above the flue.

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