It’s Time to get Your Chimney Ready for Spring & Summer!

Spring has sprung and we are now in the Summer months. While the summer time brings many home improvement projects, maintaining your chimney should actually be one of your projects at the top of the list. If not done correctly your home could experience draft problems or even a chimney fire, which puts your family and home at risk!

How frequently should your chimney be cleaned?

If you are someone who uses your chimney often throughout the winter and even chilly Fall and Spring nights, you should have it swept at least twice a year. While most home improvement projects can be done on your own without an expert, chimney maintenance is a project meant for said experts. Sweeping your chimney before the winter months, on a warmer day (if possible) during the winter and before the Spring and Summer months will greatly reduce your chances of experiencing a chimney fire. It will also greatly reduce your repair costs if a problem were to arise.

The types of chimney repairs are as follows:

Living on Long Island can expose your chimney to harsh weather conditions both in the Winter and Summer months. So once early Spring comes around, that is the best time to get these repairs done. Flashing and rain caps are two common things that your technician will check when they examine your chimney. With the rainfall that tends to fall during spring time, our experts will determine how well your chimney is sealed and whether it is waterproofed. After several winters without proper maintenance and repairs, your chimney will eventually begin to have small cracks and the caulking may become loose.

Are you having trouble with animals?

If you neglect your chimney, especially during the warmer months of the year, it could become a home or a trap for animals. Animals, whether trapped or nestled in their new home, do not belong in your chimney and they could cause serious damage to the interior of your chimney as well as your home, your family and themselves. To keep both you and the animal safe, this removal should only be done by a professional and having a cap repaired or installed by one of our experts will keep animals out completely. Your chimney is often the most forgotten part of your home, yet can pose serious risks if not taken care of. Call Always Affordable Chimney, your one stop shop for all chimney needs!