Always Affordable Chimney, Inc. is proud to offer our superior chimney cleaning services to Westchester, Queens and Long Island properties. Our commitment to excellent customer support allows us to provide you with the most thorough chimney cleaning services. Our professionally trained technicians bring their years of knowledge and experience into all chimney services. Having your chimney cleaned and inspected every year is important. Here are three benefits to having a chimney cleaning performed by a professional:

  1. Experience – Cleaning your chimney is difficult work without formal training or background. Since our technicians have accumulated years of expertise, we will know exactly how to clean and perform all chimney services safely with ease. Our technicians also inspect your chimney before and after cleaning it to ensure the job is complete. We also inspect chimneys to look for any potential damage, obstructions or circulation issues that prevent your structure from functioning properly. These issues include cracked or broken bricks, loose mortar joints and debris or animals cutting off the opening of your chimney. Our staff is equipped to clean, repair and inspect your chimney efficiently and diligently.
  2. Creosote Elimination – Our technicians are masters of eliminating creosote buildup. Creosote is the leftover waste products from wood after it has been burned. Creosote sticks to the lining of your chimney along with tar and soot. If left uncleaned, it could ignite and set your chimney and property on fire unexpectedly. To prevent this dangerous occurrence, our technicians have the tools and capability to reach as far up and down your flue as possible to find and destroy creosote buildup. Creosote is also dangerous to breathe in. If you suspect your chimney has buildup, we strongly suggest calling a licensed technician immediately.
  3. Sustained Regular Airflow – Your airflow is vastly improved after a professional chimney cleaning. By giving your flue a deep clean and removing all obstructions, our licensed technicians ensure your chimney naturally removes all excess heat and smoke from your fireplace. We also have specific working tools created for these jobs that help our work go safely and smoothly. Our work ensures your chimney remains in excellent condition. Even if your chimney is functioning correctly, having regular cleanings will prevent many common issues from arising.

Our chimney cleaning team has worked on many chimneys of different shapes and sizes. We service both commercial and residential properties. We look forward to working with you. for more information on our chimney cleaning services and all else we offer, please call one of our courteous representatives today.