Chimney Cleaning Mount Vernon

Chimney Cleaning Mount Vernon

Always Affordable is situated in Long Island, New York, but we are glad to provide you chimney service in Mount Vernon New York. We are experts with inspectionrepair, liner replacement, cap installation and many other closely related services in the chimney industry. Our business desires to achieve a top level of technical expertise for our customers. Of utmost significance is the work we do that protects the inside of your home as well as your health and safety. Whether bricks have become loose or fumes are entering your building, get in touch with our experts here at Always Affordable Chimney as soon as possible!

A particular hazardous chimney material everyone should be aware of is creosote. The amount of creosote released into the chimney depends on the wood that is burned in your fireplace. This means you should avoid pine. Although pine is beautiful, the tree is responsible for high levels of the hazardous substance. Oh, the irony. Most people are unaware of the correlation between the burning of the wood and the production of fumes. There really should be a handy chart next to everyone’s chimney.

In order to efficiently clean the interior, chimney experts use specific tools. These devices normally include a brush, vacuum and safe chemicals to remove soot. It is unlikely that you will ever see a chimney sweep covered in soot. This is a stereotype from back in the day. And it’s quite hazardous to your health.

Mount Vernon is the eighth largest city in the state and the second most densely populated. Which means there are chimneys everywhere that should receive proper inspection and renovation.

Chimney Liners

If your home or business requires a replacement chimney liner, we recommend a stainless steel or FuranFlex liner. The latter will not corrode and is as strong as an ox. It may even be as strong as two oxen. The tube is inserted and expanded to fit the chimney interior. Put the cap on and you’re good to go. While liners are super necessary, caps are just as mandatory. Afterall, we don’t want squirrels or raccoons falling down there.

Just like a vehicle, all functions and parts of the chimney work together to operate as one complete unit. The periodic cleaning, along with a firm liner and cap, will assure a healthy environment.

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Marissa M., Coram, NY

You have very professional and polite service men! They gave me some helpful tips about how to use my fireplace and really educated me about the chimney cleaning process.

Annette R., West Islip, NY

Thanks for completing the job. By the way, I've already been referring you to friends. Your service techs were the most professional vendors I've had at my house in so long. It was a pleasure doing business with you. The stainless steel liner you installed was so inexpensive compared to the other two estimates I had. Thank you for your honesty.

Pat T., Uniondale, NY

I would highly recommend Always Affordable Chimney. They were very honest and cooperative. I am going through a divorce and had to wait months for my ex’s contribution and Tommy was more than patient and understanding. The work was done efficiently, neatly and to the highest level of quality. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.

Satisfied Customer - Shane

These guys are great. The owner knows what it takes to get a job done. I had numerous issues and he found solutions, stuck with them and made it happen all while checking in on any of my concerns. I rarely come across anyone I would recommend to friends – I would sing this company's praises. From Tom and his intelligent crew to his wonderful office coordinator Justine (very professional and friendly), they came prepared, were considerate of my property, and did a fantastic job. They seem to love their work, go figure. Top of the line!

Maria E., Bay Shore

Thank you Tom for your exceptional job & advice at my Bay Shore home. I would have wasted a lot of money, time, & material if I listened to previous chimney companies. You're an angel!