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Highly recommended are annual chimney cleanings and inspections in Queens. This will ensure that problems such as deteriorating liners are avoided. Always Affordable Chimney has years of experience providing residential and commercial chimney cleaning services that are trustworthy and affordable. We are a licensed and insured chimney cleaning company that can perform a wide range of chimney services.

Prepare Your Queens Chimney For Winter

No matter what time of year, it’s always sensible to plan for chimney problems in Queens during the long, cold winter. Water, in all of its forms, has potential to cause the most issues.

At the top of the chimney, heavy snow can cover and block the cap. A fire in the fireplace will release fumes. If the cap is blocked, smoke will enter the home and people could suffocate.

Without a solid chimney liner and cleaning, water from melting snow will cause deterioration along the inside of the walls. Water is something we can’t live without. The irony is that water can also destroy the inside of a chimney. It also causes rust on metal parts and cracks when freezing and thawing.

The exterior brickwork of a chimney demands attention as well. “Spalling,” which cracks the front of the brick, is caused by the freezing and thawing of water. Eventually, the chimney brick or pieces of this fired clay block will crumble and fall on a Queens property. The last thing you want is a brick falling on someone’s head. Actually it’s not the last thing. This should never be a thing.

To be absolutely sure that water in the winter is not causing damage to your Queens chimney, call the crew at Always Affordable Chimney for chimney cleaning services you can trust. We also are experienced in rope access for those difficult to reach locations.

Loose Bricks and Tuckpointing

Although winter weather is more likely to cause exterior damage to a chimney, it is still important to check the bricks of the chimney at other times during the year. Water in various forms can enter spaces between bricks and disrupt the masonry construction. Without the needed attention, the entire exterior masonry could fall apart.

A technique used to repair the bricks is called “tuckpointing.” This is when the deteriorated mortar is removed and replaced. Color is matched with previous bricks and mortar for a natural look.

Historical Landmarks in Queens

Since we are talking about Queens, let’s take a closer look at the largest New York City borough. First, it should be noted that although Queens is indeed a part of the city, on a map it geographically appears to be part of Long Island.

World’s Fair

The World’s Fair took place here in 1939-40 and 1964-65 at Flushing Meadows Park, the fourth largest park in New York City. Iconic structures that are still standing include the Unisphere, the pavilion and observation towers.

Queensboro Bridge

Connecting to Manhattan over the East River, this bridge was built in 1901-09. The structure is a “cantilever” bridge and has two levels. There are four lanes for traffic on the top level and five lanes on the bottom level.

Forest Park Carousel

Although appearing in Queens in 1972, this structure was actually built in Massachusetts in 1903. It was registered as a historic place in 2004.

Jamaica High School

Although this institution closed in 2014, Jamaica High School was named a landmark in New York City by 2009. Upon completion of construction of the current building in the 1920s, the public school house was the largest in the entire country. Today the school is known as the Jamaica Educational Campus, which is shared by other schools.

Always Affordable would love to be involved in a Queens chimney cleaning or restoration project of any historical landmarks. History should be preserved and not forgotten. Our expert masonry and chimney work will only help to maintain the important points of the past.

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Always Affordable Chimney has years of experience in the chimney cleaning field and provides our reliable services to home and business owners throughout Queens. We are a certified and licensed chimney cleaning company. For more information about our Queens chimney cleaning services, please contact us today. The number to call is 1-855-244-6880. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have, as well as provide you with a free estimate for our chimney cleaning services.

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Thanks for completing the job. By the way, I've already been referring you to friends. Your service techs were the most professional vendors I've had at my house in so long. It was a pleasure doing business with you. The stainless steel liner you installed was so inexpensive compared to the other two estimates I had. Thank you for your honesty.

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Thank you Tom for your exceptional job & advice at my Bay Shore home. I would have wasted a lot of money, time, & material if I listened to previous chimney companies. You're an angel!