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FuranFlex Chimney Liners

As an experienced Suffolk County chimney company, Always Affordable Chimney relies on high-quality products and solutions to serve our NYC customers.bTechnology continues to move forward and the professionals at Always Affordable Chimney make it their business to stay ahead of all our competition by not only providing the best service at reasonable prices but by also bringing home and business owners the very best Long Island chimney service and technology. FuranFlex is just that. FuranFlex Chimney Lining systems brings a revolutionary change in the field of chimney works. We install FuranFlex Chimney Liners throughout the New York metro area, including Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island and the Bronx.

Watch Actual Video of a Manhattan Brownstone FuranFlex Installation

Note: Furanflex was originally designed for commercial applications. As the product has developed, manufacturing costs have dropped and it has become a reasonable alternative to Stainless Steel chimney liners in homes across the entire region. Always Affordable Chimney is currently the first and only Long Island Chimney company that is licensed to install the flexible Furanflex liner system.

Furanflex Liner Information

Always Affordable Chimney is a certified installer of Furanflex® liners. These corrosion-proof liners can work with chimneys of any shape, size or length. The airtight liner tube is made of a composite material that has the solidity of steel.

  • *Up to 40″ in Diameter
  • *No Need for Fans
  • *UL Listed for Dual Fuel Oil and Category I Gas
  • *One-Day Installation
  • *Utilizes Every Square Inch of Existing Chimneys
  • *Offsets Existing Chimneys Without Breaching
  • *Adds Structure to Existing Chimneys
  • *Great for Relining Chimneys When Converting from Wood Burning to Gas Fireplaces
  • *Bypass Offsets in Existing Chimneys Without Breaching

Before & After installation of FuranFlex liner in Brooklyn brownstone chimney:

Always Affordable Chimney Inc. is a certified FuranFlex chimney liner installer.

Click Here to see more FuranFlex Chimney Liner videos from your Always Affordable Chimney Service Team.

FuranFlex® chimney liners are revolutionary solutions for heat and corrosion-resistant lining for gas and oil heated chimneys. Their flexibility and ease of installation simply cannot be beat. For the ultimate in chimney lining, choose FuranFlex for your NYC chimney lining needs.

Chimneys: A Look Back in History

Chimney problems before the 1900’s were far less complicated. Mankind had always burned coal or wood for heating and cooking. The temperature in the chimney flue when these materials were burned reached over 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Above this temperature all combustible products leave the chimney in the form of steam or gas and left no residue. However, in the past century, these materials were replaced with more economical products of oil and gas. These products only allow the temperature in the chimney flue to barely reach 250 degrees and corrosion problems began. this lower temperature does not reduce everything to steam or gas and instead allows an acidic condensation behind that eventually corrodes mortar, concrete and possibly even stainless steel chimney flues. Corrosion can lead to breaks and leaks and deadly carbon monoxide gasses entering your home and/or business. Regular chimney inspection and cleaning can keep you safe and more recently the use of stainless steel chimney liners have come a long way with keeping chimneys more effective and safe for longer periods of time. But they also have some drawbacks.

Stainless Steel Chimney Liners Are Excellent, But…

Stainless Steel Tubes are corrosion proof for 10-15 years but it is impossible to insert them into a long chimney with bends (often around fireplaces) without breaking open the inside walls of a home or business. This problem is often found in multi family dwellings such as the Chimneys in Brownstones of Brooklyn and Manhattan in our particular service area. Additionally there is the problem of tile knocking. this is the process of having to remove the existing terracotta clay chimney systems found in most homes in Long Island. This is a labor intensive process that is often required when trying to fit a larger stainless steel liner in a pre-existing smaller terracotta chimney flue. In many cases the Furanflex installation is flexible enough to fit right into the pre-existing terracotta chimney.

The internal layer facilitates installation. It is a thin walled (100-150 microns) plastic hose made up of a mixture of thermoplastic components.

The intermediate composite layer is the heat, flame and corrosion resistant structural material of the FuranFlex chimney liner tube. Composite means resin of high solidity reinforced with thin glass fibers. One Square meter of the wall structure of the FuranFlex liner tube contains 3,000,000 meters of factory specified fibers.

The external layer is a thin fabric woven from synthetic fiber. Its function is to protect the composite layer and to insure the exact diameter of the chimney tube. It’s other function is to form a homogeneous external surface.

We are the leading Suffolk County chimney service. Check out our FuranFlex chimney installations we completed for the FDNY

Watch Video Below for our December 2017 installation of a FuranFlex chimney liner in a residential home.

Additional Benefits of FuranFlex

  • Heat and Cold Resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Flexible before heating and can be pulled through the bends of a chimney
  • Available in Multiple Diameters
  • Available in Any Length
  • Perfectly Gas Tight
  • Quick Installation
  • Installed without opening of interior walls
  • Perfect for closed chamber and condensing boilers as well

Advantages for our Customers
 (Homes, Brownstones & Commercial Businesses)

  • Furanflex Chimney Lining installed in a few hours
  • No Wallbreaking or Chiseling
  • Clean Installation
  • A Safe Chimney that lasts for decades
  • Better Boiler Functioning
  • Used Globally in over 25 countries
  • Used for Gas or Oil Heat
  • Cold Resistant to -50 C.

Free Chimney Inspection Service

We understand that our clients are not chimney experts, but as a top Long Island chimney service—we are. That is why we offer a free chimney inspection service. Besides being a critical component in keeping your family safe, you must also use a professional chimney inspection service and Long Island chimney sweep provider that not only is trust-worthy but can also provide multiple methods of getting a job done.

Is your chimney in need of repairs following an inspection? Depending on the layout of your NYC chimney, it may be in your best interest to install a FuranFlex Chimney Liner. While FuranFlex Chimney Liners are more costly, they prevent the tearing down of walls inside your home. With FuranFlex liners, the lining is able to be bent to accommodate for multi-chimney homes. This lining system will save you in heating costs, construction costs and will also keep your family safe.

Whether you need routine Long Island chimney cleaning or an affordable Nassau County chimney sweep, you can rely on the pros at Always Affordable Chimney.

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Marissa M., Coram, NY

You have very professional and polite service men! They gave me some helpful tips about how to use my fireplace and really educated me about the chimney cleaning process.

Annette R., West Islip, NY

Thanks for completing the job. By the way, I've already been referring you to friends. Your service techs were the most professional vendors I've had at my house in so long. It was a pleasure doing business with you. The stainless steel liner you installed was so inexpensive compared to the other two estimates I had. Thank you for your honesty.

Pat T., Uniondale, NY

I would highly recommend Always Affordable Chimney. They were very honest and cooperative. I am going through a divorce and had to wait months for my ex’s contribution and Tommy was more than patient and understanding. The work was done efficiently, neatly and to the highest level of quality. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.

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These guys are great. The owner knows what it takes to get a job done. I had numerous issues and he found solutions, stuck with them and made it happen all while checking in on any of my concerns. I rarely come across anyone I would recommend to friends – I would sing this company's praises. From Tom and his intelligent crew to his wonderful office coordinator Justine (very professional and friendly), they came prepared, were considerate of my property, and did a fantastic job. They seem to love their work, go figure. Top of the line!

Maria E., Bay Shore

Thank you Tom for your exceptional job & advice at my Bay Shore home. I would have wasted a lot of money, time, & material if I listened to previous chimney companies. You're an angel!